Trump Cabal Vs. Koch Cartel

Billionaires make a grab for everything in sight before the whole damn thing comes crashing down. There’s so much looting that the fascists get into a street fight over who is truly in power. Even the mob truce negotiated between the Koch Bros and Trump — settled by putting Pence on the ticket — no longer holds. Trump tweets Kochs are “a joke” and Kochs — not playing, still steaming after the Don had David tossed from his West Palm Beach golf course — now are turning the screws even while one coughs up blood.

Trump’s animal farm

Trump tried to change the subject again today and avoid the latest scandal. He slaughtered the truth and offered red meat to racists by lumping undocumented immigrants from El Salvador with gang members that he said were “animals.”

Clearly the most violent “animals” that are in the US right now are the neofascists that support the Trump Caliphate — the billionaires that, with taxpayer money, bully entire nations with nuclear weapons, “smart” bombs, submarines, and aircraft carries armed with jet fighters and sidewinder missiles.

The gangbangers in Mara Salvatrucha that Trump howls about (MS 13), are criminal elements and one of the reasons so many people from El Salvador are seeking asylum in the US. Trump and his little piggies — like Attorney General Jeff Sessions — say they will arrest people fleeing the violence in Central America and M

What a Latin American without papers could say…

There are many dishonest politicians and right wing groups who try to blame Latinos without papers for everything that is wrong in this country. They call us “illegals” as a way to make us sound like criminals that don’t belong here.

My friends, here’s the truth: Rich people in the United States INVITED us to come here. That’s right! It seemed strange since many of us are Mexicans and our ancestors have lived here for centuries. In fact when you consider our indigenous roots, we have a history that goes back to the beginning of time.

And there’s another important fact that you should know: The United States military seized most of the Southwest from Mexico back in 1848

State of the Union 2018

A blood red moon in ellipse warned of a clear and present danger.

Earlier a madman mimicked Mussolini, chin thrust high, eyes slit tight, nuclear bombast on a frightful night, half the audience bombed on Koch.

Before the Bund rally began Gollum announced his precious Master then escorted him down the aisle eyeing potential assassins, ready to pounce if any dared draw too near. The fear of plague, ghastly death and bad numbers kept most out of reach. The sulfurous lord was in the Right element, and as he preached chawed on Brutus and Cassius, who writhed behind him in painful delight at the prospect of the apocalypse. Judas was praised to high heaven and blown a kiss that night.

Before the morning star rose the moon bled red then faded from sight, the earth soon bathed by the sun’s warm light. And among the living and those brave enough to fight, the Word began to rise, righteous people in their millions chanting: “Organize!”

Marion Smith

Marion Smith — a funny, charismatic, talented and beautiful woman, honest to a fault and a founding member of the Voodoo Vamps — would have been 87 years old May 27.

Marion was the life of the party. Yet she never knew what she had or who she was. How could she? As a lonely young mother stuck at home all day and night, her husband working long hours, doctors wrote her endless prescriptions for tranquilizers, amphetamines, sleeping pills and other drugs

International Worker’s Day (May Day)

International Worker’s Day (May Day) is observed around the world. Though it was born in the U.S.A., the corporate media has convinced many folk in the U.S. that May Day originated in Russia.

What follows is the true history of MAY DAY as best i can relate it:

On May 1st, 1886, 80,000 workers in Chicago joined a parade in support of the movement for the Eight-Hour Day.

The wealthy and powerful owners of industry seethed in anger at the sight. They made plans.

Prior to the success of the Eight Hour Day Movement and hard-won efforts at union organizing, many workers were forced to labor as long as 18-hours a day, six or seven days a week, just to make a living.

As part of a national effort to win the Eight Hour Day, workers went on strike at the McCormick Reaper Plant in Chicago. On May 3rd, police attacked and killed four striking workers on the picket line there.

The next day, May 4th, a rally was organized to protest the police attack and murders. The rally was held at Haymarket Square, also in Chicago. Near the end of the meeting, as it began to rain and folks began to head home, nearly 200 rifle-carrying policemen attacked the dwindling crowd.

Someone — name unknown to this day — set off a bomb; police panicked and started shooting. Four workers were killed as were seven policemen, all but one from gunshot wounds.

The ruling millionaire class and their henchmen in the press blamed eight labor organizers for the melee, though many of the accused were nowhere near the site that day.

Martial law was declared around the nation. Union and other radical labor leaders were hunted down, newspapers closed, homes searched without warrants. In Chicago, eight men — all labor leaders — were arrested and blamed for the death of the policemen at Haymarket Square.

During the sham trial, The Chicago Tribune offered to pay jurors if they found the men guilty. The Haymarket Eight, as they were known, were all convicted, seven sentenced to death.

Labor leaders George Engel, Adolph Fischer, Albert Parsons and August Spies were all hanged on November 11, 1887.

Louis Lingg, a member of the Haymarket Eight, also sentenced to death , died in jail the day before his comrades. Prison officials claimed he blew his head off with a dynamite cap.

After world-wide pressure, and a petition filed by Clarence Darrow, on June 1893, Gov. John Altgeld pardoned the other three accused men. He also declared that the trial against all eight labor leaders was rigged from day one.

At a meeting in Paris of the First International in July 1889, labor delegates from many parts of the world declared that May First — May Day — would be set aside in memory of the Haymarket Martyrs and to celebrate the international unity of the working class.