The Devil, Rush Limbaugh and the Immigration Debate

The Devil, Rush Limbaugh and the Immigration Debate
What Hath Satan Done?

Part III: What an immigrant without papers might say…

Despite everything, though it is very difficult to do anything in this country if you don’t have a green card, many folks like me have done our best to make a home here. We have tried to live what everyone calls the “American Dream.” For us that means having a job and a decent place to live and to raise a family.

Simple words, I know, “To raise a family…” And I think about what that means, and there I am, coming home after a long day of work, embracing my wife, gazing into her loving eyes, feeling the touch of her soft hair, inhaling the scent of her as we both whisper tender words to each other… And then I am spotted by our children who, up until that moment, were busy playing together, drawing a picture with bits of broken crayons, playing together on the floor… And then they see me and abandon their artwork, race toward me and my open arms, their voices crying my name: “Papa! Papa! You are home!”  And I am home, and though I am tired I am happy…  And you know what? I cannot imagine anything more wonderful than to be there with my family, home with them, there in our little apartment, there in our country, the United States of America…

That is the dream we all share, raising a family here, calling this country home.

Yet there are many powerful and influential people who don’t want us here. And they say some terrible things, shouting into microphones until their faces are bloated and red and their eyes are bulging out, saying things that they know are not true. Why do they do that?

A friend of mine says they make a lot of money doing that on the t.v. and the radio, that it is, for some people, like “entertainment!” But to me I don’t find what they say or how they say it entertaining at all. In fact it is terrible; it is like listening to a mad man scream in the middle of the night.

Once when one of these talk show hosts named Rush Limbaugh was on television, my seven-year-old daughter walked into the room as he was rocking back and forth on the t.v., fuming, jerking his head this way then that, his eyes aflame with rage… And my daughter, seeing him, started to cry.

“What’s wrong?” my wife asked.

“Oh mama, I’m so afraid,” my seven-year-old daughter said in Spanish. “How did El Diablo get into our home? And what does he want?”

My wife and I laughed softly when she said that. I held her on my lap and listened as Rush Limbaugh continued his rant. And then I thought, as I held my daughter tight, maybe she is right…

This talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, well let’s just say I have never heard him say anything good about anyone and most of the things he says that I know about are, well, they are lies.

For example, Rush Limbaugh is always saying undocumented workers—especially those from Latin America—get Medicaid and welfare. He says that often, and then he adds, “But these people don’t pay any taxes!”

Both statements are untrue. And Rush Limbaugh knows it.

If a person does not have papers, they do not qualify for welfare or Medicaid. It’s that simple.

And those of us who are undocumented workers pay a heck-of-a-lot of taxes!

One of the most expensive yet subtle taxes that undocumented workers pay are sales taxes. Like everyone else, we pay sales tax every time we purchase clothes, when we buy medicine, pay our electric bill, buy gas, purchase a television, and so on… We pay sales taxes, usually to the county and the state. And sales taxes may seem like a small amount when you pay them. But they quickly add up. And they take a lot more out of working people’s wages than they do a rich person’s income.

We pay sales taxes for everything we buy. Eight, ten, twelve, fifteen percent in sales tax added on to the price of a pair of pants for the kids, the gas bill, whatever. Yes most rich people pay sales taxes, too, the same as us. So, for example, rich folks pay the exact same sales tax percentage on a pair of shoes that we do. But to a rich person who earns, say $250,000 a year, the tax on a pair of shoes amounts to virtually nothing compared to their income. To someone making the minimum wage, the sales tax even on a pair of shoes  can have an impact. If we have to buy shoes and pants and shirts and socks for the kids, plus school supplies, and we have to pay sales tax on gas and the electrical bill — heck on almost every darn thing, that really takes a chunk out of our take-home pay.

So it is fair to say—and this is true for all working people—that we pay much MUCH more in sales tax, relative to our income, than rich people do.

Those of us who came here from Latin America without papers, we also pay income taxes. This is something else that Rush Limbaugh and all those other devils lie about. We sometimes may not be able to file a return (since we don’t have papers, or because we were paid cash under the table), but we were charged for taxes. They were deducted from our wages. If you do the research, even the taxes that were reported to the IRS by our employers, they add up to a lot of money. Look it up, don’t take my word for it. The government has some idea how much we paid. Of course they don’t know how much money was pocketed by dishonest employers who withheld taxes from our pay but never reported either our income or the taxes they withheld from it.

(A reminder to those who listen to and believe Rush Limbaugh and other such evildoers: Those folks who withhold taxes from our wages but do not report them are lawbreakers! Those employers who pay us wages but did not report it to the IRS, they also are breaking the law. What they are doing is illegal!)

You know what else? The first time I heard this I was shocked, but the fact is that most working people, including those of us who are undocumented workers, pay more in taxes than a lot of the nation’s largest corporations! In fact General Electric, one of this nation’s biggest and wealthiest companies, did not pay a penny in taxes last year. Nada!

Let’s not forget how much tax money was paid by working people, including people like me, to bail out the big banks. And why did they get into financial trouble in the first place? They got greedy and broke the law. Yet it seems that when the rich steal and lie their punishment is to write a really bad book. Rarely are they put on trial for their crimes and hardly ever do they go to jail for breaking the law. But those same rich people want other workers to believe that is it undocumented workers that are the cause of this nation’s problems, and that rich people have nothing to do with it.

But let’s get back to taxes. Undocumented workers also pay a tremendous amount of taxes into Social Security. Some experts say if not for us, Social Security might be in financial trouble. (Don’t take my word, look it up!) But guess what? Though we contribute billions of dollars a year to Social Security, we do not qualify for any benefits. Not a penny.

“Oh, that may be, you may pay into social security, maybe,” some right-wingers may concede. “Ah-yes, but you don’t pay property taxes!” they proclaim. “How can you since it’s illegal to buy property if you don’t have papers! And,” they contend, “property taxes are what pay for schools and hospitals and the police.” So what they are saying is that we are getting a “free ride.”

But guess what? We DO pay property taxes! Renters pay property taxes every time they pay the rent. And unless we are living in a cardboard box or a car (some of us are) we all rent places to live. (Do you really think the landlord doesn’t include property taxes in the rent? Of course they do!)

Finally, people like Rush Limbaugh scream bloody murder when our children are born in hospitals. Yes, that’s right. They go into a devilish fury when they even mention that undocumented workers have children and that many of them are born in a hospital. And as always Rush Limbaugh cries crocodile tears when he whines about how much it costs taxpayers every time a child is born here without papers.

Many of our children are born in hospitals. I don’t know where Rush Limbaugh thinks they  should be born. Does he want us to take a bus south of the border when a young mother’s  labor pains start?

But guess what? We are billed for that hospital visit. Have you ever been to a hospital when they did not insist that payment be guaranteed before they admit you?  If you don’t have insurance, have they ever said, “Oh, that’s all right, don’t worry,” and left it at that?

Most of us do pay the hospital when our children are born there. It may take us a while to pay in full it since we have no insurance, no Medicaid coverage. But most of us do pay. Just not right away. Could you afford to have a child in a hospital if they demanded cash even as your child was emerging from the womb? But more to the point, as I explained, we pay taxes for such services—services that Rush Limbaugh wants us to be denied.

But here’s the thing that really bothers Rush Limbaugh and his wicked friends: When our babies are born here—no matter if it is in a hospital or in an apartment bathroom—they are born citizens of the United States. THAT is what bothers him the most. He and his followers want to change the U.S. Constitution so that even if our babies are born in this country, they will have no rights—even though the right to citizenship by birth is in the Constitution! Yes, though they talk about the Constitution as if it was the Ten Commandants, they want to change it: They want to CHANGE the Constitution so that children born here are not automatically citizens!

What more can I say? I hope that someday people like Rush Limbaugh come to their senses. I hope they realize that hate will eventually consume them, not us. I hope that they get down on their knees and pray to God for forgiveness.

Then again, that may not be possible. It may be impossible for God to forgive the likes of Rush Limbaugh.

I hate to say it but it may be that Rush Limbaugh and his type are not actually people at all. It may be they are demons, agents of the Devil, sent from Hell to destroy what is good and honest in people’s hearts. We have seen demons before in the world—people who hated others so deeply that they drew the entire world into a terrible war. And that’s what it seems these modern-day demons seem to want. I think they want everyone—especially working people of different nationalities, to be fighting all the time, fighting against each other.

Famous politicians like Rush Limbaugh don’t tell the truth, and they are not interested in having an honest conversation. They make it clear as Hell’s Fires that they hate certain people, and try to blame them for all this nation’s problems. So in addition to making a lot of money with their wicked rants, it seems that Rush Limbaugh and his ilk just LOVE to hate; They get off when they hiss and spit like snakes, and cast their evil spells, getting into the heads of innocent people until they have them under their power, until those poor people forget their humanity and lose their souls…

Rush Limbaugh and other demons have succeeded in their efforts to steal the souls of some people in this country and turn them into servants of Satan. They have convinced a lot of people to hate people like me, like my family, to blame people like me and others who are different than they are for all the problems in this country. When the economy goes down, it is the immigrant’s fault. When there are no jobs, blame undocumented workers.

We need to ask a simple question: Why does Rush Limbaugh say these terrible things? And who, or what, is behind him?

The only thing that these demons seem to embrace is capitalism and especially the big banks and corporations that get incredibly rich under it. In fact Rush Limbaugh and his diabolical companions have helped turn some of these evil institutions—such as big corporations—into gods.

Really, think about it! People are being told to bow down and worship money and the people and big corporations that control it — like the oil companies and the big banks.

This is another way to see that Rush Limbaugh and his type are evil. They have taken a Cardinal Sin (greed) and brought it to life so that in the eyes of the government it is flesh and blood. In fact these big corporations NOW have the rights of people—more rights than most people have. These god-like corporations certainly have more democratic rights than undocumented workers do, for instance.

Limbaugh is working with others in this effort to make big corporations supreme across the land. He was a big supporter of the, well, the Supreme Court when it ruled last year that big companies have the “right” to “freedom of speech,” and that “free speech” includes the “right” to contribute unlimited money to political campaigns. Yes the Supreme Court, with Rush Limbaugh’s help, took something that was dead and made it alive. Corporations in this country now have the “same rights” as people do! In fact if you think about it, if the ability to spend money on political campaigns is a “right,” then some people, and definitely these big corporations, have more rights than you probably do. Unless you are very, very rich.

So Limbaugh and others succeeded in creating a monster and they gave this devil  human rights that poor and working class people do not have — even if they are citizens!

It is very strange. These demons rewarded their masters — especially the big banks — even after they nearly destroyed the economic system of capitalism and the greed that feeds it. They gave the Devil his due, and then some. Then the demon Rush Limbaugh got right back on television and blamed immigrants, the poor, unions, environmentalists, and especially those of us who are undocumented workers, for all this nation’s troubles.