An Autumn Day

A young couple held hands as they strolled into the open arms of an outdoor cafe, one bordered with flowers that clung to brick walls and dangled from wrought iron gates.

The sun was a bright yellow star in the wide blue sky. It was warm in the light of the sun, cool in the shade.

A playful autumn breeze snatched paper napkins from the tops of bistro tables and ran through the loose hair of the couple as they settled into a spot in the sun and in the shade.

They glanced at other couples there that Sunday in the outdoor cafe. Then they studied the menu carefully, consulting with each other about salads and salmon and wood-fired pizza. A young waiter came and took their order, entering the items into a handheld computer. The couple was delighted by the sight of the technology, with its special bistro application. They laughed softly, leaning forward to speak to each other briefly before settling into their seats.

They both pulled out an i-phone, and both began touching the screens with earnest.

Half-an-hour later they spoke to each other again, as they calculated the tip and gathered their things.