What if?

Congress Institutes Draft!

All young men and women

Ages 17-30

Required to Register!

President Issues Order

To Draft 500,000 Soldiers

For international battlefronts

Register Today and you can pick your own theater of war

Battlefronts include: Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Burma, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Yemen, Egypt, Korea (North or South)

That’s right get ready to go and fight for the big corporations that rule this country because if the U.S. attacks Syria — which is an act of war — War likely will be the result.

Just because some right-wing republicans oppose Obama does not mean that Obama is in the right. The U.S. is controlled by big corporations — oil companies, big banks, television, internet, drug manufactures, finance companies, etc.

That means that Obama is not really in charge. He is essentially the CEO of the Board of Directors of Corporate America. Ultimately he must do as they say.

Let the People Speak Up and Demand: No War in Syria!