Murdock, the Chamber of Commerce and Immigration “Reform”

You’ve really got to wonder just how terrible a bill must be if Rupert Murdock and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce actively support it.

Yet these and other Big Corporate groups are now promoting legislation they refer to — with a straight face — as “Immigration reform.”

Have you taken a careful look at the “reforms” being kicked around by the U.S. House of Representatives?

Wow. I thought the SENATE BILL was Bad.

Yet things are so horrendous in the House of Representatives that the Mad Tea Party faction thinks the Senate immigration bill is too damn liberal, especially the so-called “pathway to citizenship.”

Among other loathsome provisions, the Senate bill would create a system forcing  undocumented workers to come forward, declare that they are living in the U.S. “illegally,” register with the government, pay a “penalty” for their status, and pay taxes but receive absolutely no benefits whatsoever — no unemployment, social security, disability, medical care — no nothin. And they would have to live that way for 13 years before they could apply for a green card.

Not enough for the far right. Members of the Mad Tea Party get red-faced and start foaming at the mouth about the Senate Bill, claiming that such a program would encourage “illegal immigration” and reward “lawbreakers.”

But exactly who is breaking the law? It is those who pay workers less than the minimum wage; that force people to work in unsafe conditions without benefits or legal rights; it is a government that requires workers pay taxes but refuses to give them any benefits from those taxes. The Law Breakers — the real criminals — are those that deny people their democratic rights. And we all know exactly who they are: they are the capitalists, the big corporations, and the government that they rule.

There are many honest dedicated progressives that are being duped into defending  legislation — such as the Senate bill — that claims to fix the “immigration system.” They are understandably anxious to win some sort of victory this year.

But progressives need to take a very careful look at what specifically is being proposed before endorsing any bill simply because it claims to be Immigration Reform.

In the current situation — one where right-wing conservatives are battling with the extreme far right — we need to focus on one element of true immigration reform: We must actively  support the Dream Act — legislation that would give permanent status to all young folks who came to this country without papers. .

There are thousands of dedicated people who have worked hard and put themselves on the line for this most righteous cause.We need to support them! Let’s make sure their efforts are not undermined by politicians eager to expand their political base by passing    corporate-friendly anti-worker legislation dressed up as immigration reform — bills like that passed by the Senate and even more treacherous ones currently floating around in the House of Corporate Representatives. Let’s focus on the Dream Act and make it clear we won’t be fooled into supporting anti-worker, anti-immigrant bills promoted by Rupert Murdock, Marco Rubio, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.