Karl Rove Gives Hillary a Gift

Hillary Clinton points to ads run by a Karl Rove super pack as proof that the RepubliKlan would prefer to face Bernie Sanders in a general election.

To use a football analogy, what Rove did is a double-reverse, an old but seldom-used trick. Often the easiest way to figure out why politicians say or do things is to measure the result. Clearly the Rove ad was a gift to Hillary, one she accepted with open arms.

“I think it shows how desperate the Republicans are to prevent me from becoming the nominee,” Clinton said with a big grin. “I find that, in a perverse way, an incredibly flattering comment on their anxiety, because they know that not only will I stand up for what the country needs, I will take it to the Republicans.”

Anyone who has followed Karl Rove’s career knows that LITTLE is as it appears in the hands of this self-styled student of Machiavelli. If polls are any indication, Sanders would be a much more difficult candidate for the RepubliKlan to defeat in a presidential contest than Clinton. Why? Because Sanders has changed the calculus of the entire campaign by taking on the Billionaire class and Wall Street. People understand that less than 1 percent of the nation’s population control most of the wealth, the media, and the levers of government. It is for THAT reason Rove gave such a generous gift to Clinton, Inc., at this very early stage of the campaign: you see Clinton is a not only a representative of the ruling class, she is a fully vested member.

FRIENDS, at the risk of upsetting folks, we should ALSO be very clear that even if Sanders is elected president, without a strong organized people’s movement based on solidarity between all progressive groups and elements — especially those in the working class — Sanders would be able to accomplish little. What’s more, and this may upset some people, but I sure hope the Sanders campaign considers this: as Sanders comes closer to winning the nomination, he will increasingly be in the sights of the neo-fascists, the reserve secret army of the ruling class.

Though he is not a revolutionary, Sanders has already changed the political situation in the U. S. For the first time in decades, the media is forced to follow a campaign that aims to take on the wealthy and the power structure itself.

We must not ignore the history of those who have threatened the status quo in the past. Let us remember what happened to the socialist, democratically-elected president of Chile, Salvador Allende, who was overthrown by a fascist coup backed by the CIA on September 11, 1973.

Here in the United States, Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated after speaking out against the war in Vietnam, and perhaps more infuriating to the ruling class, connecting the struggle for Black liberation with organizing the working class.
That was in 1968, after the movement had already lost Malcolm X back in 1965, after HE began linking the struggle for Black Liberation to a battle against the capitalist system.

Even a wealthy man who became a reformer was murdered after winning the California Democratic primary in 1968. That, of course, was Robert Kennedy.

This is a violent nation and the billionaires like it that way. It helps keep them in power.

Ultimately we need to build a powerful movement to fundamentally change, from top to bottom, a very entrenched system that is based solely on making profit for the wealthy, no matter what the impact on people and the planet itself.

Bernie Sanders does not call for the end of the capitalist system. But as an independent left-liberal, one with integrity and a consistent progressive record, he deserves people’s full support, including grouchy old armchair revolutionaries like me.