Trump’s animal farm

Trump tried to change the subject again today and avoid the latest scandal. He slaughtered the truth and offered red meat to racists by lumping undocumented immigrants from El Salvador with gang members that he said were “animals.”

Clearly the most violent “animals” that are in the US right now are the neofascists that support the Trump Caliphate — the billionaires that, with taxpayer money, bully entire nations with nuclear weapons, “smart” bombs, submarines, and aircraft carries armed with jet fighters and sidewinder missiles.

The gangbangers in Mara Salvatrucha that Trump howls about (MS 13), are criminal elements and one of the reasons so many people from El Salvador are seeking asylum in the US. Trump and his little piggies — like Attorney General Jeff Sessions — say they will arrest people fleeing the violence in Central America and México and put them in jail. In fact Sessions and Trump proudly announce that they will separate families if they try to come to the US. and take children away from their mothers.

Who are the real animals here? It’s the Trump Caliphate and the right-wing corporate media — you know the folks that just gave themselves a HUGE tax cut while dramatically increasing the budget for the military industrial complex. They roll around in the dirty money they steal and squeal, demanding more and more slop.

Trump LOVES to threaten small nations, saying he will rain down fire and fury on the people of North Korea if they don’t do what he says!

Who is the animal on that farm?

Meanwhile the neofascists in Congress are already saying the nation’s budget is way too big after they lined their pockets with the money of hard working people. The solution? Paul Ryan, republiKlan speaker of the House and other avid supporters of the mad tea party declare the budget they passed is busted, and they need to cut cut cut! But where? They want to cut Medicare, Social Security and agencies that protect the rights of workers and the environment.

It’s a wild wild world. And it’s just a matter of time before the pigs rut and the chickens come home to roost.